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Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering Department

Computer and Data Sciences Department

          10900 Euclid Avenue
          321 Glennan Building
          Cleveland, OH 44106
          Phone: 216.368.2800
          Fax: 216.368.6888 
          Mail Stop: 7071

Chair's office

Computer Science Interim Co-Chair:
               Jing Li
               Interim Co-Chair
               email: jxl175@case.edu
Electrical, Computer, and Systems and Control Engineering Interim Co-Chair:
               Pedram Mohseni
               Interim Chair
               email: jxm89@case.edu
Business and Research Administration Manager
               YoLonda Stiggers
               email: yxs307@case.edu
               phone: 216-368-0354
Chair's Assistant
               Cynthia Hatcher
               email: cdh@case.edu
               phone: 216-368-2802
Department Coordinator
       Laura Kuhar
       email: ljk72@case.edu
       phone: 216-368-4053
Assistant Manager of Funded Projects
               Salvatore Russo
               email: spr9@case.edu
               phone: 216-368-4088
Grants Specialist
               Ryan Watson
               email: rmw137@case.edu
               phone: 216-368-0095
Procurement Clerk
               Lavanya Kalahasti
               email: lxk262@case.edu
               phone: 216-368-5403
Student Affairs Specialist
               Heather Smith
               email: hxs664@case.edu
               phone: 216-368-2920
Student Affairs Coordinator
               Elliot Korth
               email: epk43@case.edu
               phone: 216-368-4080