B.S./M.S. Program

The Integrated BS/MS Program

The Integrated BS/MS (Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Master of Science) Program in EECS is intended as an honors graduate program for highly motivated and qualified Bachelor of Science in Engineering/Bachelor of Science students who wish to pursue an advanced degree. Students admitted to the program may, in their senior year, take up to nine credit hours of graduate courses that will count toward both BSE/BS and MS requirements.

Program of Study Details

The current regulations for the MS degree by the School of Graduate Studies require a minimum of 18 or 21 credit hours of coursework at the 400-level (or higher), depending upon whether a thesis is completed (for 9 credit hours) or a project is completed (for 6 credit hours), respectively. Please note that any 400-level course taken prior to admission to the BS/MS Program cannot typically be counted as part of the MS degree.

If a student is required to complete a senior project as part of their BSE/BS degree, they can double count MS thesis towards EECS 399 (ECE), but not towards EECS 398. All ECE students must take EECS 398. Currently, only Electrical Engineering and Systems & Control Engineering students are required to take EECS 399.

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