Degradation and Materials Aging

The Degradation Science Studies of Materials Aging through Case School of Engineering’s Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension (SDLE) Research Center is detailed below. 

Project Overview

This project focuses on developing a degradation science, material aging study on accelerated aging, diagnostics, and analytics infrastructure based on historical and new experimental data. A degradation science study of polyimide/acrylic degradation with other related materials will be performed collaboratively with LLNL scientists. The study protocol will encompass multiple variants of polyimide films, with exposures including accelerated lab, and historical exposures. 

Degradation behaviors of these multi-component systems are expected to be highly dependent on interfaces within the assemblies. Hydrolysis and thermolysis of the PSA in the adhesive tie layer appears to have the largest influence on degradation and lifetime performance. The changes in surface properties are therefore also of interest as they are closely linked to hydrolysis and thermolysis behaviors. Data-driven modeling including degradation pathways of polyimide films and/or other related materials will be determined. This polyimide/acrylic degradation research will be performed collaboratively with LLNL scientists for both experimental and analytics infrastructure and the degradation studies of polyimide/acrylic films utilizing samples such as polyimide/acrylic laminates and other more complex devices.