Computationally, CA PP not only has its own facilities with advanced personal computers and workstations, but also draws on resources available at two top facilities, the Ohio Supercomputing Center, OSC, and the High-Performance Computing cluster at CWRU, HPC.

OSC provides supercomputing, research and educational resources to a diverse state and national community, including education, academic research, industry and state government and its main computational resources are:

  1. A4212 CPU Opteron “Glenn” cluster, which offers a peak performance of more than 75 trillion floating point operations per second and a variety of memory and processor configurations;
  2. A BALE Cluster with 55 Workstation nodes, which is a distributed/shared memory hybrid system constructed from commodity PC components running the Linux operating system;
  3. A Mass Storage Environment (MSE) at OSC that consists of servers, data storage subsystems and networks, providing a number of storage services to OSC HPC systems.

HPC is a high performance computing cluster available to CWRU faculty based on Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel Xeon processors. All cluster nodes run Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the operating system.