Tour the Lab

tour the lab

The Sears Undergraduate Design Laboratory is open to students around the clock. To schedule a tour during working hours, contact lab director Ed Burwell:, (216) 368-2816

Practical circuit theory is taught in the adjacent classroom

Dozens of fully-equipped workbenches are available around the clock

Each workbench comes equipped with a modern PC, oscilloscope, power supplies, soldiering station, function generators, and locking drawers

Inspect and soldier fine-pitch components effectively using the stereo microscope

Hundreds of common components are available for prototyping at no cost

Test your AC circuit non-destructively using an isolated variable power supply

Safely store your work in private combination lockers

Switches, enclosures, motors, and more are available in the lab's electronic surplus “Flea Market”

Students have access to several coffee machines in the adjacent student lounge

Private study stations offer a convenient place to work between classes

Student organizations meet in the group meeting room