Older News

October 7, 2015: MesoSci Lab members will be presenting their research at MS&T 2025 in Columbus OH
  • Mesoscale Deformation Mechanisms in Nickel-based Superalloy as Studied by Micro-Laue Diffraction
    • Aaron Thompson, Jennifer Carter
    • 2:20pm, D242/243
  • Application of Quantitative Measures of Microstructure for the Data-driven Study of Material Properties
    • Amit Verma, Jennifer Carter
    • 4pm, D235
September 2015: There are several senior project going on in the MesoSci Lab. We are excited to be mentoring these young engineers.
  • Creep Frame Control System:
    • EECS Students: Kelsey Aamoth, Benjamin Davis, Matthew Ma, Laura Wheeler
  • Validation and Testing of Digital Image Correlation Equipment for the Use in Full Field Strain Mapping of Stainless Steels at Cryogenic Temperatures
    •  EMSE Student: Aleena Ross
  • Characterization of the Linear Friction Weld Bond used in Hybrid Turbine Discs
    • EMSE Student: Justin Williams
August 20, 2015: Aaron Thompson officially becomes a BS/MS Student
January 2015: We are excited to be mentoring these young engineers as they work on their senior project.
  • Constant Stress Creep Frame Mechanics Design: 
    • EMAE Students: Yixin Feng and Jason Yu
May 8, 2015: Aaron Thompson will be heading to RTI this summer for an internship. We wish him luck and look forward to his return in the fall.
April 11, 2015: Rachel Morrison was awarded CWRU SOURCE funding for her summer research project "Quantification of the deformation mechanisms in in situ composite bulk metallic glasses"
Sept 19, 2014: Aaron Thompson will be presenting his work at MS&T 2014, swing by the Poster Session, October 15th from 11-1pm
August 30, 2014: Amit Verma joins the group as a M.S. Graduate student. His project focuses on a data science approach to predicting the performance of gradient composite aluminum alloys.
June 28, 2014: Prof. Carter and Aaron Thompson will be at the APS running experiments for a week. Working at 9-BM doing XAFS experiments on metallic glasses, and 34-ID-E doing micro-Laue experiments of deformed nickel specimens
April 11, 2014: Nicholas Tatnall was awarded CWRU SOURCE funding for his summer research project "full field deformation mapping for the quantification of mesoscale deformation mechanisms"