Group News

08/16/16: New Students!
The MSL is excited to have Nishan Senanayaka join the group this fall to start his PhD program. Nishan is joining us after completing his MS at Bowling Green State University in Physics. His research will focus on the application of data analytics to the design and optimization of nickel-based superalloys for energy applications.
06/02/16: New Students!
The MSL is excited to have three students join the group this summer. We look forward to all that they can contribute to the research endeavors of the group.
Isaac Hoffman joins us from UIUC to start an M.S. program. His research will focus on experimental and analytical techniques to correlate processing-structure-performance metrics.
Sean Yoshitomi-Gray is a first-year undergraduate student who has just declared a major in Materials Science. He will be learning the joys and frustration of research. This summer he will focus on the integration of the mechanical and electrical components of a retrofitted creep frame.
Lakshi Mittal is a high school student working with the group this summer on the development of Python codes for batch image processing techniques that are necessary to create binary segmented images.
03/22/16: Summer Plans
Mesoscience Lab is excited to share the news that undergraduate researchers Rachel Morrison and Justin Williams will be participating in summer employment at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Alcoa Forgings respectively. They will be off to learn new skills and we look forward to their triumphant return in the fall semester.
03/16: Congrats Amit Verma!
Amit Verma successfully defended his M.S. thesis entitled "Data analytics approach for studying structure-property relationships in gradient aluminum composite". Amit will be staying on as a Ph.D. candidate researcher, and will hopefully be presenting the finding of M.S. work at the 2017 MS&T conference in Salt Lake City, UT.
CWRU take over of the ASM Cleveland Chapter Meeting
Prof. Carter presented the keynote lecture at the January meeting of the ASM Cleveland Chapter. Students from the Department presented their research in a poster session prior to the dinner and lecture.
MS&T 2015
The students learned how many options there were for career paths at the MS&T 2015 meeting in Columbus, OH. Rachel and Aaron even took a moment out of their busy schedules to take a science selfie with their advisor.
Summer Research 08/2015
Rachel Morrison worked this summer on a SOURCE funded project looking at deformation mechanisms is a composite metallic glass material. Her work will be presented in the Spring 2016 ShowCASE.
Research ShowCASE 04/2015
Amit Verma and Aaron Thompson participated in the CWRU ShowCASE event with much success!
Alcoa 50kton press 05/2014
Prof. Carter and Jesi attended the dedication of the Alcoa 50 kton and 35 kton forge presses as Historical Landmarks by ASM International. It was excellent fun to see some of the largest Aluminum forging equipment in the world, right here in Cleveland OH.
Research ShowCASE 04/2014
Jesi Booth and Azin Akbari presented their research work at the spring Research ShowCASE event. Hundreds of researchers at CWRU present their work to the broader Cleveland community. The event is designed to foster collaborations between University researchers and local industries.
TMS 02/2014 
TMS awards banquet celebrating Professor Lewandowski's TMS Leadership Award, and Professor Carter's SMD: Young Leader Awards. Left to Right: Jesi A. Booth, Azin Akbari, Jennifer Carter, John Lewandowski
Advanced Photon Source 11/13-15/2013
APS beamline 9-BM-B. X-ray Absorption Fine-Edge Structure (XAFS) experiments for assess the effect of alloy compositions on the structure of metallic glasses.  We conducted experiments in both transmission and fluorescence mode depending on the desired X-ray energy.
Visiting with Colleagues from Germany 08/08/13
From left to right: students Christian Hochmuth, and Ernst Fleischmann, Professor Carter and Professor Glatzel. Prof. Glatzel and his students stopped by CWRU for a visit as part of their tour of Universities.
Advanced Photon Source 6/13-21/2013
APS Beamline 34-ID-E: Micro-Laue Diffraction Hutch for measuring local 3D microstructure and residual elastic strain. Collecting data on deformed nickel-based superalloy specimens to couple 2D microstructure and plastic strain measurements with the underlying microstructure.
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day 2/14/13
For this outreach event on 2/14 we made some engineering love notes by using rapid-prototyped 3D printed hearts as templates for sand molds and poured aluminum for 6th-grade girls from local schools. Each student got to take home their own valentine.