Cockroach Robot
Quad Copter


The Whegs™ series of robots utilize a method of locomotion that combines the advantages of wheels and legs (wheel-legs), which will allow for robotic exploration of an endless array of terrains. Wheels are relatively simple, and allow a vehicle to move quickly, while legs allow robots to climb obstacles that would be too high for a wheel. Whegs™ robots also use just one motor for propulsion, which gives them the advantage of being able to supply any leg with the maximum power available, if only one leg is able to get a foothold. When individual legs are driven by individual motors, each motor must be powerful enough for the worst-case scenario. By using a single drive motor, the robot weighs less and the total amount of torque available can be supplied to each leg in turn.

Whegs™ is an ever evolving project at the Biorobotics Center, under the supervision of Dr. Roger Quinn, which is working toward creating robots that can climb, swim, traverse the lunar surface, sense and surmount obstacles, and perform a number of other functions. These robots can help revolutionize exploration of the Earth and beyond.