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GiPSi™ is an open source/open architecture framework for developing organ level surgical simulations. This is a revolutionary, low-cost program requiring limited equipment that can be used for training, pre-operative planning, and biomedical research. Our goal with GiPSI™ is to facilitate shared development of reusable models, to accommodate heterogeneous models of computation, and to provide a framework for interfacing multiple heterogeneous models. This type of open source framework allows for quality control, evaluation, and peer review, which are critical for basic scientific methodology. The framework additionally provides an intuitive application programing interface (API) for interfacing dynamic models defined over spatial domains. GiPSI™ is designed to be independent of the specifics of the modeling methods used by an individual user and therefore facilitates seamless integration of heterogeneous models and processes for all users. The program also has input/output (I/O) interfaces for visualization and haptics for real-time interactive applications. 
This program is already available as an app and we have used the GiPSi framework in house for the development of a virtual neuro-endoscopy training simulator.
GiPSi™ is a MeRCIS project under the guidance of Dr. M. Cenk Cavusoglu.