Case Center for Biomolecular Engineering- News

  • Congratulations Runjie Yang for successfully defending your Masters thesis! 
  • Congratulations Zheng Han for successfully defending your PhD thesis titled: Design and Evaluation of Novel Contrast Agents for MR Molecular Imaging of Cancer! 
  • A special welcome to our new lab member, Peter Qiao, who joins the lab as an MSTP student. 
  • A farewell to Drs Xiaohui Wu, Yajuan Li and Jenny Parvani
  • A special welcome to our new graduate student, Andrew Schilb and our new Post-Doctoral Scientist, Dr. Yajuan Li. 
  • Congratulations Dr. Maneesh Gujrati for successfully defending your PhD thesis in May of 2015. 
  • Jenny Parvani was awarded the DOD Post-Doctoral Fellowship on breast cancer research.
  • Guanping Yu received a pediatric opthalmology career-starter research grant from Knights Templar Eye Foundation.