The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers a wide range of Undergraduate and Graduate courses, including classes in Processing of Materials, Foundry Technology, Casting and Solidification . Students have frequent opportunities to conduct casting experiments in the CMCL as part of these classes, laboratories and senior projects.

Summer Employment and Work Study

Undergraduate students in the School of Engineering interested in gaining hands-on experience in casting are encouraged to apply for summer employment. All our alumni will tell you we are "hot". Check it out even if you are not a Materials Science and Engineering major but interested in learning more about casting. Some of our recent Undergraduate part timers:


Aaron Johnston-Peck:  Over the Summer of 2005 Aaron worked on a rapid prototyping project funded by the Case Summer Undergraduate Research Experience and FEF Scholarships.  He has graduated and works at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY.




David Poerschke: David began working with us during the summer of 2005. He continued to work part time on laser processing and energy efficiency projects. His summer work was supported in part through a FEF internship grant. After completing his MSc at Case, David moved to sunny Santa Barbara where he is now pursuing a PhD in Materials Science.





Eric Nielson: Eric worked on laser processing of materials.while a Freshmen in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently working at Alcoa in Cleveland.






Alex Stibich also worked on the laser processing project while a freshman Mechanical Engineer.





Sharon Stefanovic: a Physics major with a minor in Materials, she was with us in the summer of 2002. After graduating from Case, Sharon continued her PhD studies at the University of Akron.







Mike Brescilli: Majored in Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Political Science. He was with us in the summer of 2002.





Kurt Whitling:  graduated in Mechanical Engineering and ireceived an MBA. He did Work-Study during the 2002/3 academic year. Kyle is his twin brother. We could never tell who was coming to work...





Robert Jost: graduated in Materials Science and Engineering. He was with us in the summer of 2001 and came back in Spring 2003 to work on a Senior Project about Lost Foam. Seen here with a red cap having a pizza at the Happy Hour.





Local AFS Chapter

Another way for students to get involved is to join us at the monthly meetings of the local North-East Ohio Chapter of the American Foundry Society. You will learn more about the industry, meet a lot of nice people and even enjoy a free dinner. Every year the Chapter awards a number of scholarships to students with a demonstrated interest in metal casting at a special event, the Scholarship Night.

 CWRU students at the AFS NEO Scholarship Night. Also in the picture are (from left to right): Bill Sorensen, Director of FEF, David Schwam and Tom Cobitt, 2002 Chairman of the NEO Chapter


Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF)

CWRU is proud to be a FEF affiliated school. As a matter of fact we were among the first five schools accredited by FEF (now there are thirty two). The goal of FEF is to bring students closer to the Foundry industry. FEF awards numerous scholarships to qualified students and hosts an annual College Industry Conference at the five stars Drake Hotel in Downtown Chicago. At the CIC student delegates can network with industry representatives over a weekend packed with informative presentations and fine dining. In 2002 CWRU had five delegates at the CIC; two of them, Kate Felde and Tom Engle received scholarships.

CWRU Delegates to the 2002 FEF CIC Conference in Chicago


CMI Classes

The Cast Metals Institute offers a large number of classes on Foundry topics for foundry personnel. Some of these classes are offered on-site at the CMI headquarters in Des Plaines, IL and some are also offered off-site, for the convenience of the participants. CMCL has been selected by CMI as one of the off-site locations because of the availability of laboratory facilities. The first course on Sand Testing for Ferrous Castings was offered at CWRU in January 2003.

Participants in the January 2003 CMI Sand Testing Class