Temperature & Data Acquisition Equipment

Amprobe DM-II

Power measurement Capabilities:
Real Power P (watts)
Apparent Volt-amperes S (VA)
Reactive Volt amperes Q (VAR)
True Power Factor (tPF)

Energy Measurement Capabilities:
Kilowatt Hours (KWH)
Demand (KW)


The Amprobe DM-II is a portable power analyzer. It can be easily attached to the power supply of most resistance furnaces to provide detailed logging of many power and energy related values. Data can be downloaded from the instrument for easy analysis.


Teledyne Max 5 Combustion Efficiency Analyzer

Combustion Parameters measured:
Carbon monoxide
Carbon dioxide
Total combustibles
Net combustion efficiency

The Max 5 Combustion Efficiency Analyzer is the quick and easy way to fine tune boilers, furnaces, fire boxes, and any other commercial or industrial combustion process.

This unit calculates efficiency and displays the results of burner adjustments without the need for charts or tables.


Extech CO80 Portable Combustion Analyzer

10,000ppm CO sensor will not poison, providing for long sensor life

5 meters in one; combustion analyzer, differential thermometer, carbon monoxide detector, differential manometer, and flammable gas leak detector

Internal memory stores up to 75 records







Bench top temperature measurement equipment








Hand held temperature measurement equipment









Chart recorder