Scholarship/Fellowship Opportunities

Materials Advantage has a nice compiled list of scholarship/fellowship opportunities for students at all levels
  • Most deadlines are mid-March to early May
Foundry Education Foundation offers a variety of scholarship programs that are coupled with internship opportunities at industrial partners
Society of Women Engineers also has a compiled list of scholarship/fellowship opportunities for women studying engineering
NASA scholarships: NASA has opportunities for both scholarships and internships for both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Undergraduate: require students to have finished at least two years of study, and the deadline is in mid-January
  • Graduate: Require a research proposal, deadline also in mid-January
  • Citizens and Nationals only
The Institute of Advanced Materials has a longer list of opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.
Scholarships exclusively for minority students are complied at affordable colleges.

Particular Scholarship/Fellowship Opportunities:

Due Date: 02/15/14

ASM Cleveland Chapter Donaldson-Kiefer Scholarship