Research Faculty

Laura Bruckman

Assistant Research Professor / SDLE

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry
University of South Carolina

Research Interest: quantitative spectroscopy, data science and analytics, polymer material degradation, photovoltaics





Timothy Peshek

Assistant Research Professor / SDLE

Ph.D. Physics
Case Western Reserve University

Research Interest:  Electronic materials, photovoltaics and power electronics devices and systems; reliability/durability; wide band gap nitride semiconductors; III-Vs and chalcopyrite semiconductors; statistical physics and thermochemistry.


David Schwam

Associate Research Professor / CMPL

Research Interest:  Performance and evaluation of die and mold materials, additive manufacturing, conformal cooling, laser cladding, rapid prototyping, energy efficiency studies, die casting, squeeze and permanent mold casting of aluminum and magnesium alloys, recycling and computer simulation of flow and solidification