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Meet Philos, a Robot Caregiver

Professor Kiju Lee's research group is developing a social robot, called Philos, that can interact with people while monitoring their bio-behavioral data."Philos" means "Friend" in Greek. The current version of Philos can track and recognize human faces, generate simple facial expressions and gestures, and make penguin-like sound. More entertaining features, such as online speech recognition and generation and music play, are being added. Philos has been recently featured on a local television show, WVIZ/PBS Ideastream. 

The video clip can be found on the following link:

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Student Research Fund

Mustafa Unal, EMAE graduate student and Ph.D. candidate in Orthopaedic Bioengineering Laboratory led by DrOzan Akkus, has received the student research fund from
The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation by means of think[box] at CWRU for his ongoing research. His research includes developing a novel diagnostic technique to assess bone quality through Raman Spectroscopy; the novel technique would potentially help to improve the current diagnostic technique for those who may be at risk of bone fracture due to the bone diseases (e.g., osteoporosis). By 2025, the annual fractures due the osteoporosis are estimated
to surpass 3 million for the United States with the medical costs of $25 billion.

The raman system

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Graduate student's abstract highlighted by ACR

A diagnostic technology developed in Dr. Ozan Akkus' lab by MAE graduate student Bolan Li, was highlighted by a press release from the American College of Rheumatology (ACR). The abstract was selected among thousands of submissions as a proof of concept in demonstrating the utilization of Raman spectroscopy to diagnose patients who are stricken with the gout disease.
The disease is on the rise and affects 8 million Americans.

The abstract that was highlighted by the ACR
can be accessed here.

BAJA team competed in a regional event - “Midnight Mayhem”

Midnight Mayhem is an annual competition held in Louisville, KY. On Saturday, Oct.4th, the CWRU Baja team entered two vehicles into a field of 76 cars from top universities across the United States and Canada. With three first-time drivers at the wheel of our cars and great teamwork from the pit crew, we completed the race 15th and 21st overall. This was a fantastic finish for our team and we look to build upon our experiences as the season progresses.

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CWRU Team led by EMAE’s Graduate Student Yunus Alapan has won the first place in 2014 NASA Tech Briefs Create the Future Design Contest in Medical Category

Yunus Alapan, EMAE graduate student and PhD candidate in Case Biomanufacturing and Microfabrication Laboratory led by Umut Gurkan, has won the first prize in Medical Category in 2014 NASA Tech Briefs Create the Future Design Contest. CWRU Team lead by Yunus utilized a microengineered design in developing HemeChip, a new device that can identify hemoglobin type in a drop of blood rapidly to diagnose hemoglobin disorders in newborns early.

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A grant from NASA for Dr. Kamotani

We are proud to announce that Professor Yasuhiro Kamotani received a grant from NASA totaling $ 660,000 to perform a two-phase flow experiment in space. Professor  Jay Kadambi is the Co-I of the project. They are preparing an experiment to be performed aboard the International Space Station
around 2019.

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Engineering student Lauren Smith honored by Aviation Week magazine

Engineering student Lauren Smith honored by Aviation Week magazine 

Mechanical and aerospace engineering student Lauren Smith has been named to Aviation Week magazine’s Tomorrow’s Engineering Leaders: The Twenty20s list. The awards recognize top engineering, math, science and technology students, and connects the next generation of aerospace and defense talent with established leaders who have created many of the “firsts” driving the innovation in the 21st century.

Smith earned her Bachelor of Science degree as a double major in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Case Western Reserve in 2013 and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in mechanical engineering from her alma mater.

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CSE’s Umut Gurkan named among top innovators by MIT Technology Review

Umut Gurkan, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, has been named to MIT Technology Review magazine’s Innovators Under 35 – Turkey list.
The magazine has been compiling the list of scientists and innovators whose work is transforming the world’s technology for more than a decade. Gurkan accepted the award and presented his work at the awards ceremony Sept. 17 in Istanbul.

The award was based on Gurkan’s work on developing a biochip for sickle cell anemia, a new microfluidic approach that analyzes the biophysical properties of patient’s red blood cells to monitor and control the disease. 

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