Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Graduate Student Position

in Data Science Analytics of Energy Efficiency of Buildings

A Graduate Student position is available in the Case School of Engineering under the advisement of Prof. Alexis R. Abramson and Prof. Roger H. French. The research focuses on using a data analytics approach to building efficiency diagnosis and prognostics, opening up the risk-reducing or risk-averse market of building energy management and accelerating adoption of energy efficient technologies. Combining knowledge of specific climatic, weather, solar insolation, and utility meter data through data assembly, we will analyze these time-series data streams to reveal patterns and relationships previously ignored or neglected.  The graduate student will lead in R code development and data analysis of large and diverse data sets in a Hadoop/Hbase distributed computing environment, including time series and point in time data. Preference will be given to individuals with experience in real-world data analytics and/or building science. Graduate students will work in a collaborative, cross-disciplinary team. 

The applicant should be pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Engineering.  Excellent analytic and computing skills are required. Experience with Linux is a plus. Strong oral and written communication skills and ability to work independently and collaboratively are essential.  

Applicants should send an email, including a brief description of experience and interests,
and a curriculum vitae (resume) to:

Alexis Abramson
Director, Great Lakes Energy Institute
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Case Western Reserve University

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