Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Jaikrishnan Kadambi Wins ASME Fluids Engineering Division Award

By conferring this award, the evaluation committee recognizes contributions from Dr. Kadambi and his group in the following areas:

1)     The development of a refractive index flow loop to study slurry flow in pipes and slurry pumps using laser based instrumentation, particle image velocimetry (PIV) and laser Doppler anemometry (LDA).

2)     The development of ultrasound techniques to obtain concentration of slurry particle in pumps and used pulsed ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry (PUDV) to obtain particle velocities in pump casing at higher concentration.

3)     The development of pulsatile heart flow loop which simulates the flow of blood through heart, and using PIV and LDA to study the flow of blood through prosthetic valves, stents and the third ventricle, for improving the design of various blood pumps, such as a small rotary pump which can fit into the heart space instead of the diseased heart till a donor heart could be found, and a bladeless rotary blood pump, which contributed to flow field investigations for understanding shear stresses developed in the blood.

4)     The investigation of air flow in micro sized ionic wind pumps using PIV.

5)     The courses that he taught for improving the understanding of pump design and operation among undergraduate and graduate students.

The award certificate is accompanied by a monetary honorarium of $1,000.