Rigoberto Advincula


Ph.D. Chemistry
University of Florida

Design, synthesis, and characterization of polymers and nanostructured materials capable of controlled-assembly, tethering, and self-organization in ultrathin films. This includes functional macromolecules, coordination polymerization, polymerization on surfaces, electropolymerization, and preparation of nanoparticles and hybrid materials. Properties include: smart coatings, electrically conducting, photoluminescent, electroluminescent, energy harvesting, optically active, and biocompatible. Surface sensitive spectroscopy and microscopy is systematically utilized to probe materials properties and biological phenomena. We are also involved in investigating nanoparticles, nanostructured surfaces, and nanocomposite materials for sensor and bioapplications. Other applied studies include packaging, coatings, biomaterials, plastics, and process development.


Eric Baer

Herbert Henry Dow Professor and Distinguished University Professor

D. Eng.
Johns Hopkins University

Irreversible microdeformation mechanisms; pressure effects on morphology and mechanical properties; relationships between hierarchical structure and mechanical function; mechanical properties of soft connective tissue; polymer composites and blends; polymerization and crystallization on crystalline surfaces; viscoelastic properties of polymer melts; damage and fracture analysis of polymers and their composites. Structure-property relationships in biological systems.


John Blackwell

Leonard Case Jr. Professor

Ph.D. Biophysics
University of Leeds, England

Determination of the solid state structure and morphology of polymers. X-ray analysis of the structure of thermotropic copolyesters, copolyimides, polyurethanes, polysaccharides; supramolecular assemblies, fluoropolymers; molecular modeling of semi-crystalline and liquid crystalline polymers; rheological properties of polysaccharides and glycoproteins.


Liming Dai

Kent Hale Smith Professor

Ph.D. Chemistry
Australian National University

Molecular Engineering of Nanomaterials and Macromolecules for Energy-/Bio-related Devices.


Michael Hore

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Materials Science & Engineering
University of Pennsylvania

Polymer physics; neutron scattering; polymer nanocomposites; grafted polymers and brushes; theory and modeling; self-consistent field theory; structure-property relationships; reconfigurable materials.


Hatsuo Ishida


Ph.D. Macromolecular Science
Case Western Reserve University

Processing of polymers and composite materials; structural analysis of surfaces and interfaces; molecular spectroscopy of synthetic polymers.


Alex. M. Jamieson


D. Phil. Physical Chemistry
Oxford University, England

Quasielastic laser light scattering; relaxation and transport of macromolecules in solution and bulk; structure-function relationships of biological macromolecules.


Jack L. Koenig

The Donnell Institute Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Polymer structure-property relationships using infrared, Raman, NMR spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging techniques.


LaShanda Korley

Climo Associate Professor

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Structure-function relationships; toughening mechanisms in segmented copolymers; spatial confinement of self-assembled materials, including biomaterials; hierarchical microstructures.


Jerome B. Lando

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. Physical Chemsitry
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn

Solid state polymerization; X-ray crystallography of polymers; electrical properties of polymers; ultra-thin polymer films.


Morton Litt

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. Polymer Chemistry
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn

Kinetics and mechanisms of free radical and ionic polymerization; mechanical properties of polymers; fluorocarbon chemistry; synthesis of novel monomers and polymers; polymer electrical properties; crosslinked liquid crystal polymers.


João Maia

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Applied Mathematics (Rheology)
University of Wales Aberystwyth, UK 1996

Aggregation in Polymer Science and Engineering
University of Minho, Portugal 2007

Polymer Rheology: Extensional Rheology and Rheometry; Micro- and nano-Rheology; Bio-Rheology: Food Rheology and Processing. Rheology for Macromolecular Technology: Development and optimization of polymer blends and composites; Viscoelasticity of micro- and nano-layered polymer films; On- and in-line monitoring of extrusion-based processes; Micro-Processing. Environmental Rheology and Processing.


Ica Manas-Zloczower


Thomas W. and Nancy P. Seitz Professor of Advanced Materials and Energy

Professor, Macromolecular Science & Engineering

D.Sc. Chemical Engineering
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Exploration of the use of naturally derived and other biobased materials for advanced materials in renewable energy applications; development of composite thermoplastic polyurethane systems with enhanced tensile, tribological, thermal and electrical properties; modeling of mechanical properties for nanocomposite materials; high internal phase emulsion templating technologies for open-pore structure materials; structure and micromechanics of fine particle clusters; interfacial engineering strategies for advanced materials processing; dispersive mixing mechanisms and modeling; design and mixing optimization studies for polymer processing equipment.


Jon Pokorski

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
Northwestern University, 2007

Biopolymers; protein-polymer conjugates; drug-delivery; biopolymer catalysts; self-assembling peptides; affinity-based delivery of therapeutic proteins; layered polymeric delivery systems


Stuart J. Rowan

Kent Hale Smith Professor

Ph.D. Chemistry
University of Glasgow, UK

Organic chemistry, synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, conducting polymers, interlocked macromolecules (polyrotaxanes and polycatenanes), peptide nucleic acids, supramolecular polymerization, reversible ‘dynamic’ chemistry and combinatorial libraries.


David Schiraldi

Peter A. Asseff Professor and Chair

Ph.D. Chemistry
University of Oregon

Composites, including Aerogel composites, structure-property relationships, transport phenomena and packaging materials, condensation polymers, bio-based polymer synthesis, polymer flammability and sustainable FR agents, polymer blends and complex polymer systems.


Gary Wnek

The Joseph F. Toot, Jr., Professor of Engineering

Ph.D. Polymer Science and Engineering
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Polymers with unusual electrical or optical properties; biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; electric field-mediated processing (electrospinning of nano- and micro fibers and morphology modulation in polymer blends); polymer-based microfluidic platforms; polymer product design.


Lei Zhu


Ph.D. Polymer Science
University of Akron

Nanoscale structure and morphology of crystalline/liquid crystalline polymers and block copolymers; ferroelectric and dielectric polymers for electric energy storage; polymer/inorganic hybrid nanocomposites; biodegradable polymers for diagnostic and drug delivery