Led by Chairman and Professor David Schiraldi, the department has 14 full-time faculty: ten full professors, two associate professors, and two assistant professors. In addition to this we have four highly active emeritus professors. Their diverse research background is illustrated by their Ph.D. degrees in Polymer Science, Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Biophysics.

In addition, the department has 16 associated, adjunct, and research faculty from other Case Western Reserve departments including Chemistry, Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Pathology as well as from industry and other academic institutions.

We currently employ 13 research staff, 15 administrative staff, and one technical staff member along with having 77 PhD and 26 MS graduate students. Approximately 66 undergraduate students are registered for the B.S. or B.S./M.S. in Engineering (major field: Polymer Science and Engineering).