Spring 2018 Course FAQs

2018 Spring Course Enrollment FAQ

Computer Science Program

Note: the answers are based on the current CS curriculum requirements and are provided here for your convenience. Please refer to General Bulletin or discuss with your advisor for questions not covered here.

Q: What is SAGES Departmental seminar for CS?

A: ENGR398 & ENGL 398. This is one course with 2 sessions with different course numbers. Students need to register both.

Q: What is SAGES capstone for CS?

A: EECS395. It is senior project that is required for both BS and BA major. It also serves as the capstone for SAGES.

Q: Then is EECS393 also SAGES capstone?

A: No. It was years ago, but is not the capstone anymore.

Q: Which depth areas/tracks does the new EECS600 Special Topics: Smartphone Security fall into?

A: Computer Systems, Networks & Security; Software Engineering.

Q: Several depth classes in the Computer Systems, Networks & Security area have not been offered lately -- what can one do?

A: Classes are rotated.  You can take EECS600 Special Topics: Smartphone Security and EECS402 “Internet Security and Privacy” instead.

Q: How many Humanities & Social Sciences courses do I need to take?

A: This is a university general education requirement. You need to take 4 HM/SS courses. 

Q: I have to take EECS341 to graduate in May 2018, but it is not offered in the Spring. What do I do?

A: You are allow to use another computer science course (300 level or above) as a substitute. Please discuss this with your advisor to find an appropriate one that fit your schedule.

Q: I want to take a course but I have not met the prerequisite yet, can I still take it?

A: Generally you are not allowed. It is up to the instructor whether permission will be given to you to waive the prerequisite.

Q: I want to take a course but it is already closed. What should I do?

A: To ensure quality of course delivery and to allow each student to have enough opportunities to interact with professors, many of our courses have a cap. For upper level courses, priorities are given to 1) seniors and 2) CS students. Once again, if you have to take a course to graduate in May 2018, please ask permissions from the instructor.

Q: I want to take some courses as my tech electives, but they are not on the list. Can I still do that?

A: You need prior approval from your advisor for that.

Q: I want to pick one depth area, but I cannot find enough courses for that area, what should I do?

A: CS faculty work very hard to have all the areas covered. That being said, based on your situation, you might do the following. a) if you are a senior and need a course to graduate in May 2018, you should talk to your advisor to find a substitute; b) there are some courses offered by other programs/departments that can be very relevant to your depth area, you can request your advisor approval; c) with more hiring in CS, we anticipate the problem will not be an issue any more.            


Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Systems and Control Programs


EECS 344 (Electronic Analysis and Design), which has been regularly taught every year in the past, will not be offered this Spring semester.

For students who are looking for Technical Elective courses in the Electronics area, potential alternate options include:  EBME 310 (offered this Spring), EECS 371 (planned to be offered in Fall'18), and EECS 326 (planned to be offered in Fall''18).


EECS 397 (Microprocessor Based System Design) is a special topics course being offered this Spring'18 semester.  It can be used as a technical elective, and as part of the Computer Hardware depth area.

​​EECS 377 Introduction to Connected Devices is a new course that is accepted as a technical elective​