EECS500 Fall 2017 Department Colloquium

Robert Eckman
IoT: Security at the Edge
MCPc, Inc.
White 411
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
November 9, 2017

Security is all about reducing the attack vectors, or pathways, to our people, assets, and data.  To achieve this, organizations must assess all assets that create these pathways in hopes of identifying and closing any potential vulnerabilities.  For quite some time, organizations have been working hard to close these gaps; in some cases to meet regulatory compliance, in others to meet customer expectations.  On the whole though, although these efforts had a very finite and very discrete purpose, the scope was discoverable. Gartner and Cisco are estimating that there will be 20 to 50 billion new IoT devices connected to the internet  by the end of 2020.  Security Technologists fear that new pathways will be introduced that they cannot protect, as was the case with the Krebs On Security IoT-based attack that inundated Kreb’s web servers with approximately 665GB of data per second.  This seminar will explore the role that IoT will play in shaping our future security efforts and will identify the steps we can take to close the gap with the implementers of IoT to get ahead of what will clearly be our next great security challenge.


Bob Eckman is Chief Information Security Officer at MCPc, Inc. in Cleveland.  He is also an Adjunct Professor teaching cyber security for Kent State University’s School of Digital Science where, in 2016, he was awarded the Outstanding Teaching Award and recognized by the Ohio State Senate for his achievements in the classroom.  Bob also serves as an Adjunct and as the Executive Director of CSU’s Marshall Law College’s Center for Cyber and Privacy.  Bob’s career background includes serving as the Cyber Security Program Manager for FirstEnergy’s Nuclear division, during which he led a team to implement the NEI 08-09 Cyber Security Program for Nuclear Power Generating Facilities in response to 10 CFR 73.54.  As part of these responsibilities, Bob served as Chairman of the Nuclear Information Strategic Leadership consortium, and as a key member of the Nuclear Energy Institute’s Cyber Security Task Force in Washington DC.  In addition to cyber security, Bob is an experienced technologist and project/program management specialist having served in a leadership capacity in IT for over 25 years for Progressive, FirstEnergy Corp, and Shearer’s Foods in addition to non-profit experience with Oriana House, Inc.  He earned his Bachelor’s Degree focusing on  Political Science in 1997, Master’s degree with a concentration in Technology in 2007, holds an active PMP Certification, and is an active member of ISC2 where he also holds his CISSP Certification.