EECS500 Fall 2016 Department Colloquium

Jason Black
Data, Models, and Insights: How Does an Engineer Thrive and Survive in A Big Data World?
Huntington National Bank
White 411
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
November 22, 2016

This seminar will compare and contrast careers in engineering and analytics.  We will attempt to address a range of questions, including - How are the problems, approaches, and deliverables different or the same across the engineering and analytic career fields?  What is a model and why do we build it?  How do we validate our answers/recommendations?  When is good enough good enough?  What unique skills do engineers bring to data science?  What analytics skills to engineers (typically) lack and how can I find them?  How do I know if engineering or data analytics is the right path for me?  How do biases impact our ability to be a good engineer/analyst? What if I take one career path, but decide to switch (or switch back)?  Please be prepared for a robust discussion.


Jason Black is the Director of Analytic Insights at Huntington National Bank, where he leads all ad hoc analysis and data mining efforts.  Dr. Black spent over 15 years in the energy sector, with stints at General Electric and Battelle, developing new products for electric utilities, mostly as a power systems engineer, but also as an economist and a systems modeler.   He has conducted research for NASA, NSF, the Dept of Energy, and numerous public utilities.  He has over 25 patent applications and 12 granted patents, and is responsible for taking two products from idea to fully operational in the “real world”.  Dr. Black is also retired from the U.S. Army, where he spent 22 years as an intelligence officer.  He was also a software developer and consultant.   Dr. Black has numerous academic publications.  He received his PhD in Engineering Systems from MIT, and his BS in Electrical Engineering (with a BA in International Relations) from Notre Dame.  He is a Senior Member of IEEE.