EECS500 Fall 2016 Department Colloquium

Mario R. Garzia, Ph.D.
Data Science and Big Data… Big Impact Beyond the Big Hype
Data Science and Big Data Executive
White 411
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
November 10, 2016

Throughout history there have been occasions in which we were confronted with what at the time was Big Data, requiring innovative technologies and solutions to handle the new onslaught. However, the breadth, scale and impact of today’s Big Data environment makes this a uniquely different and altering occurrence. Data is becoming a highly valued asset across businesses, governments and organizations making it a required and critical component of organizational strategy and execution, and necessitating new laws and government regulations in response to its increasing impact on our society. The opportunities created by this ever growing data has benefited from advances in AI, extensive use of machine learning and deep neural networks, and the development of the field of Data Science which has been called the sexiest job of the 21st century. These and other developments continue to increase our ability to extract value from this data. While the use of big data has been underway for some time in areas such as high tech and finance, we are now seeing an increasing surge in its use for manufacturing, healthcare and other industries critical to our region and beyond. This talk will discuss opportunities and challenges arising from our ability to generate, collect, store and process data through ever cheaper and more powerful technologies, interconnected sensors and devices, which together with advances in analytics is causing a sea change impacting every aspect of our lives and our world. 


Mario R. Garzia is a data science and big data executive, currently consulting with businesses across Ohio on their use of big data analytics and advising universities on their data science programs. Previously he was at Microsoft, retiring in 2014 from his role as a Data Sciences executive.  In this position, he led data sciences efforts for product engineering, leveraging big data to galvanize research-based insights that impact the development of new and improved products and features. Dr. Garzia held several other executive roles during his 17-year tenure at Microsoft, including founder and Director of the Windows Reliability organization, that made Windows the most reliable and available operating system environment. He was also Director of Systems Engineering driving the development of technology platforms for Microsoft data centers. Prior to joining Microsoft in 1997, he was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and Technical Manager at AT&T Bell Laboratories contributing to the areas of telecommunication and computer system and service performance and reliability modeling and analysis. He is the co-author of the book Network Modeling, Simulation and Analysis and has published over 40 technical papers in the areas of analytics, modeling, performance and reliability in refereed journals and conference proceedings. Garzia holds a Ph.D. in Systems and Control Engineering with a focus on Mathematical Systems Theory from Case Western Reserve University, his M.S. and B.S. are in Mathematics.

He can be reached via email at mariogarzia@digagroup.com