EECS Fall 2015 Department Seminar

Anatoly Zlotnik
Optimal Control for Coordination of Natural Gas Pipelines and Electric Power Systems
Los Alamos National Laboratory
White 411
2:00 - 3:00 pm
October 30, 2015

Extensive construction of gas-fired power plants to serve
peak electric loads and provide generating reserves has caused the
electric power grid to depend on reliable gas supplies. Such gas-fired
generation can be intermittent, causing variation in volume and timing
of takes from high pressure gas pipelines.  This can lead to gas price
fluctuations, line pressure drops that cause supply disruptions, and
increased operating expenses.  Natural gas is now the largest fuel
source for electric power production, so coordination of these
industry sectors is imperative.  However, industry practices for
operations and market clearing cannot easily be integrated because the
physical systems operate on very different spatiotemporal scales.  New
physical and mathematical models and optimization algorithms have
enabled efficient pipeline simulation and optimization methods.  These
techniques are promising for computing rapid solutions for flexible
intra-day operations of large-scale gas transmission systems in time
to react to gas-fired generator re-dispatch.  I will describe control
system modeling and key properties of compressible fluid flows through
pipeline networks, which are characterized by hyperbolic PDEs on a
collection of domains coupled with Kirchhoff-Neumann conditions.  The
application of recent methods for computational optimal control to
such large-scale distributed network flows will be discussed.  I will
also present case studies of pipeline and power networks coupled
through gas-fired generators to highlight the advantages of integrated
operations based on dynamic optimization.