EECS500 Fall 2015 Department Colloquium

Nabil Lyad Alshurafa
Improving Healthcare for Populations: Building Smart and Integrated Remote Health Monitoring Systems
White 411
November 19, 2015

In many nations, the need to improve existing medical and healthcare services is becoming increasingly important due primarily to the growing unhealthy population and ageing community. The rapid advancement of sensors, computing and wireless communication technology has brought rise to a new research field called Wireless Health. This field aims to deliver solutions in healthcare that cannot be solved by engineers alone. Increasingly rising costs of healthcare have encouraged healthcare providers and clinicians to begin deploying remote health monitoring systems (RHMS) to both manage and prevent disease. RHMS provide patients with the ability to monitor their health via an information gateway, and aid clinicians in making decisions by providing continuous monitoring and processing of patient data.

My research has focused on the design and implementation of automated smart sensors and Remote Health Monitoring Systems (RHMS) that can increase health and wellness outcomes in community populations. I will discuss various methods of data analysis of time series data along with the resulting research findings which will illustrate how wireless interventions promote health-related behavior change and better health outcomes in racially and ethnically diverse populations. I will specifically address the topics of activity recognition and eating habits in the community setting. I will also address the potential of these systems to improve quality of life, quality of care and reduce hospital readmissions.



Dr. Alshurafa is an Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine and of Computer Science at Northwestern University. He received his Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. in Computer Science at UCLA. Dr. Alshurafa currently heads the Northwestern HAbits Lab-The Health Aware bits Lab-which combines research in preventive medicine and computer science. Alshurafa’s research interests are in the area of mobile health, behavioral medicine, data analytics, algorithm design, HCI, and embedded systems. His research focuses on testing and advancing the limits of mobile sensing in understanding and improving people’s habits of eating, physical activity and sleep targeting health disparate communities afflicted with obesity and cardiovascular disease. Find out more about Dr. Alshurafa.