EECS 500 Fall 2011 Seminar

Dr. Wei Zhang
Control of Complex Dynamical Systems
The Ohio State University
White Building Room 411

The ever increasing complexity of modern engineering systems poses new challenges for their performance optimization, safety analysis, and reliable design. A variety of nonclassical control problems may arise in complex dynamical systems such as air transportation system, human-machine networks, and energy systems. These problems are characterized by some nonclassical elements, including multi-modal dynamics, decentralized information structure, and human factors, for which the classical system theory are often not directly applicable. In this talk, several approaches will be discussed to address these challenges in the context of the above applications.

In particular, I will present a framework to synthesize hybrid controllers with guaranteed closed-loop stability and suboptimal performance for multimodal dynamical systems. I will also present an approach to jointly design the information and decision hierarchies for large-scale air traffic systems to minimize traffic delays and fuel consumptions while respecting safety restrictions and preferences of individual users. At the end, some on going and future work will be discussed, including our recent research about cooperating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) ith with human agents through smart phones to better play the Capture-the-Flag game, which provides interesting insights and promising tools to study human-machine decision problems.


Dr. Wei Zhang received his B.E. degree in Automatic Control from the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China, and received a M.S. degree in mathematical statistics and a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering both from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

He was a visiting student at Stanford University during the summer of 2008 and a visiting student at the University of California, San Diego, in the summer of 2009. Between January 2010 and August 2011, he was a postdoctoral researcher Computer Sciences of California in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Sciences, University California, Berkeley. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. His research interests include hybrid systems, optimal control,  human-machine decision problems, and their applications in air transportation, robotics and energy systems. Dr. Zhang is a member of IEEE and a recipient of the "2009 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad".