Faculty & Staff


EECS Department Chair

Kenneth Loparo

Computer Science (CS) Faculty

Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering (ECSE) Faculty

Research Faculty

  • Farhad Kaffashi, Research Assistant Professor – Signal Processing

Visiting Faculty

  • Yutian Liu, Visiting Research Professor
  • Jichan Wang, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Zenghui Wang, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Bing Xiao, Visiting Assistant Professor

Adjunct Faculty

  • Michael L. Adams, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Mark Allman, Adjunct Instructor
  • Nicholas Barendt, Adjunct Sr. Instructor
  • Gurkan Bebek, Adjunct Instructor
  • Swarup Bhunia, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Michael S. Branicky, Adjunct Professor
  • Mahdi Cheraghchi Bashi Astaneh, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Licong Cui, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Lev Gonick, Adjunct Professor
  • John C. Hoag, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Suparerk Janjarasjitt, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • David Kazdan, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • John R. Miller, Adjunct Professor
  • Srinivas Raghavan, Adjunct Professor
  • Gideon Samid, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Shivakumar Sastry, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • William Schultz, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Marvin Schwartz, Adjunct Professor
  • Lawrence Sears, Adjunct Instructor
  • Amit Sinha, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Peter Tsivitse, Adjunct Professor
  • Olaf Wolkenhauer, Adjunct Professor
  • Francis G. Wolff, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Jackie Wu, Adjunct AssociateProfessor
  • Guo-Qiang "GQ" Zhang, Adjunct Professor
  • Xiang Zhang, Adjunct Associate Professor

Secondary Faculty

  • Alexis Abramson, Professor
  • Jeffrey L. Duerk, Dean and Leonard Case Professor of Engineering
  • Dominique Durand, Professor
  • Mark Griswold, Professor
  • Thomas LaFramboise, Assistant Professor
  • Anant Madabhushi, Professor
  • Elizabeth Madigan, Professor
  • Roger Quinn, Professor
  • Satya S. Sahoo, Assistant Professor
  • Nicole Seiberlich, Assistant Professor
  • Peter Thomas, Associate Professor
  • Xiong Yu, Professor

Emeritus Faculty

  • George W. Ernst, Emeritus Professor
  • Sheldon Gruber, Emeritus Professor 
  • Dov Hazony, Emeritus Professor  
  • Irving Lefkowitz, Emeritus Professor 
  • Harry  W. Mergler, Emeritus Professor 
  • Lee White, Emeritus Professor 


  • Hanieh Agharazi, Research Associate
  • Yinyin Ge, Research Associate
  • Russell C. Jackson, Research Associate
  • Jaesung Lee, Research Associate
  • Taoming Liu, Research Associate
  • Michael Suster, Sr. Research Associate
  • Wanchat Theeranaew, Research Associate


  • Joe Mayer


  • Angela Beca - Student Affairs Coordinator
  • George Daher - Design Lab Technician
  • John Gibbons - Director/Sears Undergraduate Design Laboratory
  • Cynthia Hatcher - Assistant to the Chair
  • Frieda Mosby - Administrative Manager
  • YoLonda Stiggers - Coordinator
  • Kimberly Yurchick - Student Affairs Specialist