Computer Science Concentration Areas

Computer Science (CS) majors can use their electives to form concentrations in areas related to CS. The BS/CS program has 5 technical electives and 4 open electives and the BA/CS program has many more electives which gives the student considerable flexibility. This document lists a number of possible concentration areas together with courses in each area. Some of these courses are required for CS majors because they need at least some background in many of the listed areas. Taking additional courses in an area will give them additional background in the area. Normally a student will not take all of the courses listed for an area, but rather only those courses which best meet his/her educational objectives. Thus, this document is intended to help CS majors formulate programs of study that will meet their education objectives, recognizing that these objectives may change as students progress though the programs.

Software Engineering


Algorithms and Theory


Computer Systems, Networks and Security


Databases and Data Mining




Artificial Intelligence