The Case School of Engineering prepares and challenges its students to take leadership positions in engineering and computer science. The increasing role of technology in virtually every facet of our culture - communications, transportation, construction, healthcare, the environment, and even our system of wealth distribution - makes it vital that engineering-oriented students have access to progressive and cutting-edge programs stressing the following five areas of excellence.

The mission and objectives of the Department of Civil Engineering Department are consistent with those of the Case School of Engineering. Our mission is to prepare students for leadership roles in civil and environmental engineering. The department will provide facilities and research expertise to advance the state of the civil engineering profession within the mission of the Case School of Engineering. Students will be taught to address problems building on solid technical foundations while taking advantage of advanced technologies. Our graduates will adhere to high technical and ethical standards, in service to the public. Graduates will be prepared for the pursuit of advanced learning in civil engineering and related fields, as well as for the practice of civil and environmental engineering at the highest professional levels.