Schedule instrument time

All steps must be followed by all users

1.  Contact the SCSAM staff member in charge of the instrument that you need to use.

2.  Register for an online Scheduler account at:

3. Provide your billing information.  SCSAM rates are charged on a per hour basis and our most current rates are posted online.

Industrial and other external users will need to provide billing contact information during the sign up process and then initiate any purchase order process that may be required by their employer in order to pay for SCSAM services.

Internal academic users will request funds from their advisor that will be used to pay for the instrument time.  This is done by logging into the Scheduler and selecting Request Funds from the top menu.  Fill out the form with the requested information (Speedtype, Amount, PI and grant administrator names and emails) and Submit.

4.  Show up for your scheduled session.  Minimum of 75% of scheduled time will be charged.

5.  Pay for services.

Industrial and other external users will receive invoices for services provided.

Internal academic users will have funds journaled from speedtype numbers provided during the "Request Funds" process (Step No. 3).  Users will only be charged for actual time used regardless of the dollar amount entered on the Funds Request form.