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The Quanta 200 3D is a versatile environmental SEM/FIB for 2D and 3D material characterization and analysis. Featuring three imaging modes, high-vacuum, low-vacuum and environmental SEM (ESEM), it accommodates a wide range of samples. The instrument is equipped with a field-emission Ga ion source and a thermal electron emitter. The enabling technologies, integrated onto a single platform, further include high-volume milling capabilities, ESEM differential pumping, a variable pressure(oil-free)  vacuum system, gaseous secondary and backscattered electron detectors for imaging and analysis in a gaseous chamber environment, gas chemistry technology for enhanced milling rates, a high-precision specimen goniometer with 50 mm travel along the x and y axes, automated unattended sectioning with full access to e-beam, i-beam, patterning, and gas chemistry functionality, and a Windows 2000, 4-quadrant "Beam per Quad" user interface.  It is equipped with a ThermoNoran high- energy-resolution (129 eV) / high-count-rate SDD detector.