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SCSAM Events

The Swagelok 
Center for Surface Analysis of Materials
Presents a surface analysis seminar on

X-ray Photoelectron spectroscopy and
New Capabilities for Organic Analysis
Speaker:  John Newman, Physical Electronics
Wednesday - July 26 - Olin 408
Seminar 11:00-11:50AM
12:00--1:00--Detailed Discussions
Light reshments provided.
The Swagelok 
Center for Surface Analysis of Materials
2016 Fall Break 1-Day Short Course
Structural & Compositional Analysis Solutions
Who should attend this course ?
Graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty, 
and anyone interested in microscopy, diffraction, 
and surface analysis.
Monday - October 24 - White 411
Morning Session 9:00-12:00PM
Dr. A. Avishai – Introduction
Dr. W. Jennings – Auger Electron Spectroscopy
Dr. K. Abbasi – X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
--Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy
Dr. J. Cowen – X-Ray Diffraction
Refreshments will be served at lunch break.
Afternoon Session 1:00-5:00PM
Ms. N. Avishai – Scanning Electron Microscopy
Dr. A. Avishai – Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
--Electron Backscattered Diffraction
-- Focused Ion Beam
Dr. D. Wang – Transmission Electron Microscopy
--Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Mr. R. Tomazin – AFM and Nanoindentation
The Swagelok Center for Surface Analysis of Materials provides:
* access to high-end analytical equipment.
* expert staff support. Access to vendor support.
* training – equipment operation and data analysis.
* tailoring solutions to be applied in research and industrial settings.
* methods and expertise development.
We are one part of the larger CWRU Service Center Group, serving as an extension of research and industrial lab infrastructures.  Contact us to learn how we can meet your needs or to discuss parnership opportunities.
Please register for the course by emailing Sharon Dingess at skd4@case.edu. 
Use “2016 registration for SCSAM 1-day Short Course” in the subject line.

Past Presentations:


The Swagelok Center for Surface Analysis of Materials invites you to a special presentation by

Steve Nagy

EM/HIM/XRM Specialist, Carl Zeiss Microscopy


Tuesday, Sep 13, 2016--White 408

Followed by Open Discussion
3D X-ray Tomography – Material and Life Science Microscopy Applications
ZEISS Microscopy has a uniquely broad product portfolio including Light, X-Ray, and Electron Microscopes. Today’s presentation will explore the wide variety of Material and Life Science applications using X-Ray Microscopy. ZEISS Xradia X-ray Microscopes brings nondestructive synchrotron capabilities to the lab, while offering the industry best resolution and contrast.

2 & 3‐Dimensional Characterization of Soft and Porous Materials using DualBeam FIB‐SEM
October 20, 2015

Thin  Film  Analysis  by  EDS (LayerProbe)

November 4, 2015
SCSAM hosted two information and training events during Fall Semester 2014.  We hope to continue this learning initiative, keeping our academic and industrial clients informed and aware of the latest techniques for research and real-world problem solving.

EBSD Special Training Session

Decmeber 11, 2014

Scott Sitzman from Oxford Instruments presented a Special Technique Training Session.

Fall Break Short Course

October 27-28, 2014

The Fall Break Short Course was a huge success with 111 participants from industry and academia over two days.  See course statistics here

Download Short Course Presentations.

Short Course Intro

AFM Usage

NanoIndenter Usage

How to Approach SEM and EDS Analysis 

Introduction to FIB

Transmission Electron Microscopy