Rigaku D/Max 2200

The Rigaku D/Max 2200 Powder X-ray Diffractometer is equipped with a horizontal goniometer capable of performing typical theta-2 theta scans.  The scanning speed can be varied from 0.002 °/min to 100 °/min.  The divergence, scattering and receiving slits are fully automated and controlled through a graphical user interface within the software.  The Rigaku diffractometer is complementary to SCSAM’s two other XRD units as it is equipped with a Cr anode.  The wavelength of Cr Kα X-rays 2.29 Å is suitable for many materials that might heavily fluoresce in the Scintag (Cu Kα 1.54 Å) or the Bruker (Co Kα 1.79 Å) instruments.  In addition, the larger wavelength is preferred when trying to determine small changes in the lattice parameter, as peaks are shifted to higher 2θ values, which provide greater sensitivity to small changes in the lattice parameter.  The sensitivity of the peak shift is ideal for measuring residual stress and determining solvus curves in binary phase diagrams.