Project Board

Welcome to the think[box] Project Board!

This is a "wild-west" style bounty board where anyone can post a project for think[box] students and users to see and pick up. To be clear, your use of this board is at your own risk and think[box] is not responsible for and will not guarantee the integrity of any party.

Quick Links

For Bounty Hunters

Spotted a project you think you can tackle? We recommend the following steps to get started, but remember we can't ensure it will work out even if you follow them.

  1. Read the description and attached materials and start forming a plan of attack.

  2. Estimate the time you'll need to do this, as well as any materials or special equipment. Write all this down concisely and precisely.

  3. Is the bounty worth it? Great if it is, if it isn't, don't be afraid to make a counter offer.

  4. Contact the project poster. Make it clear how you plan to approach the problem, and give the description you formed above of what it will take from you. Mention precisely what you expect in return.

  5. Communication is key, before starting, make sure there is a documented agreement that unambiguously describes the expectations and requirements of both parties.

  6. If you had a bad experience working on a project please let us know. Report an Issue >>

For Project Posters

Have a great project that you need done, but don't care to do it yourself? An idea you want investigated from a new prospective? We will let you advertise here, a platform visible to the creative members of the CWRU and think[box] community.

  1. Have a good idea of what you expect to be done and what might be required to do it.

  2. Decide what value you place on the completion of that task. We don't require you to list any particular bounty, but better bounties attract more help.

  3. Make sure you expectations are reasonable. These are probably not professionals you are advertising to--be clear on your definition of done.

  4. If you get a response, help establish an agreement that both parties are comfortable with and confident in.

  5. If you would like to remove the project before the expiration date, email from the contact email listed on the project listing, with the subject line "Remove project name of project"

For Everyone

We recommend:

  1. Try to only meet in-person at think[box].
  2. Be a good person.