Paint Room

A paint booth

Learn to use this Paint Room!

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How to Start

  1. Check to see if your spray coating is safe to use. Water-based aerosols are safe, but oil-based aerosols are not. Review List of Safe Aerosol Paints and Coatings >>
  2. If you are unsure what kind of coating you have, ask us! Contact Us >>
  3. When you know your coating is safe to use, come to think[box] and go to the Paint Room on Floor 5.
  4. Put on a coat and goggles before you enter the room.
  5. Turn on the exhaust using the control panel on the wall.
  6. Coat your object, making sure to spray into the Spray Booth.
  7. You may leave your object to dry on the drying shelves in the Paint Room by following the posted instructions.
  8. Clean up after yourself.


Paint Room Technical Details

  • Interior Working Size: 52 x 30 x 76 inches (132 x 76 x 193 centimeters)
  • Exhaust: 2600 cubic feet per minute