Founders Program

Learn how to take an idea from its basic form into a fully functional startup with our Founders Program. We offer three specific programs targeted to your current growth stage: Sprint Program and Incubator Program. We’ll provide you with dedicated work space, 24/7 access to floors 6 and 7 of think[box], a community of entrepreneurs, startup mentoring, and more!

Founders Program Stages

Your current growth stage will determine which of the following best suites you:

Sprint Program

This program is geared towards those that have an idea, but need to explore it further to see if it's a good idea. You'll spend time validating your idea, understanding your value proposition and business model, prototyping, and getting customer feedback. (Accepting applications now)

Learn more about the Sprint Program


Incubator Program

This program is geared towards those who have entered the market and have generated revenue. You'll spend time on sustaining your business, expanding your products/services, and exploring new potential markets. (will launch upon completion of Floor 7 - estimated January 2020)

Founders Program Benefits

  • 24/7 access to floors 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7
  • Educational programming developed to support all stages of venture creation.
  • Mentoring by entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, product experts, industry partners and faculty.
  • Use of think[box] address for business mail.
  • Read the Founder Handbook for the Details >>


  • CWRU/CIA undergraduate students & graduate students, staff, faculty, and community members may apply.
  • Must be committed to the mission and values of think[box], venture exploration, and program milestones.


Have questions about the Founder's Program past, present, or future? Contact Doug DeGirolamo at