Launch a Startup

A male graduate student is giving a presentation for Apollo Medical Devices in front of a crowd on think[box] Floor 2.

Start Your Journey

Do you have ideas for a business or a not-for-profit organization, but don’t know where to start? CWRU LaunchNet makes it easy to get started today! This office for innovation and entrepreneurship will help you refine your idea, identify your market, find mentorship, secure funding, and take your idea to market. CWRU LaunchNET primarily serves students, but also supports staff, faculty and community members, when possible. Contact LaunchNet to Get Started >>

Protect Your Innovation

Are you ready to secure your intellectual property and incorporate your business or organization? The Intellectual Property Venture Clinic (IPVC) is here to help you obtain patents and trademarks, file articles of incorporation, and get legal advice for your project. The IPVC supports students, staff, faculty, as well as alumni and community members. Contact The IPVC to Protect Your Innovation >>

Turn Your Research Into Real-World Impact

Have your research activities created technology that can be developed into marketable products? The Tech Transfer Office (TTO) is ready to help university researchers take their innovation to market. Services offered include innovation assessment, patent development, license agreements, venture financing, and more. TTO serves all university researchers including students, staff and faculty engaged in research. Contact The TTO to Make Your Impact >>

$34 Million
Funding raised by startups utilizing think[box], LaunchNet, and IPVC.