Advanced Interfaces

Get started with your software project with Advanced Interfaces (AdvInt) located on Floor 2 of think[box]. Contact us at!

This new resource is here to help you with any of your interface related problems through software engineering help and advice. First we'll be focusing on helping you build micro-controllers into your projects to let them interface with the rest of the world super easily! Soon to follow is help with developing mobile phone applications, webpages, and  other software interfaces.

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How to Start

AdvInt can be found on Floor 2 of think[box]. When you arrive on Floor 2 walk towards the far side of the building from the elevators. AdvInt will be the office in the far corner. Check Advanced Interfaces' Open Hours >>

Coming Soon

Contact for more information and beta access.

  • Android and iOS Application Development
  • Windows Mixed Reality (Virtual and Augmented Reality) Development