SoftWorm II Structure

SoftWorm II is a peristaltically-driven robot using a 3D printed mesh for an external structure. Each truss can rotate freely about a pin and there are four degrees of freedom at every intersection. The robot moves by contracting or expanding actuators along the length to simulate the undulation and movement of an earthworm. Students Hillary Bunnelle, Maria Lorkowski, and Ronald Leibach worked on this research project in the CWRU Biologically Inspired Robotics Laboratory.
Ronald Leibach,

Hive Workstation Concepts

The Hive Workstation was designed by Daniel Cuffaro, Chair of the Industrial Design Department at the Cleveland Institute of Art. A prototype made in think[box] during the early phases of design helped project partners visualize the design, which has sold nationwide to higher-education institutions and businesses.
Daniel Cuffaro,

Ecospinners Fuel Cell Bicycle

EcoSpinners is designing an integrated and programmable electric bike with a proprietary fuel cell range extender. The bike’s power pack is a hybrid of advanced lithium-ion polymer battery and liquid-fueled fuel cell. The critical part of the bike design is a low-cost fuel cell, running on non-polluting and recyclable liquid fuel that allows an increase in range without increasing the cost of the power pack.
Jean Zhao,

Direct Liquid Cooled H-Bridge Manifold

This project was an H-bridge to drive a quasi-constant wave solid-state musical tesla coil. John Forcina worked in conjunction with tesla coil legend Steve Ward.
John Forcina,

Corrugated Material Flammability Experiment

An experiment was conducted to examine the effects of varying corrugation on upward flame spread on thin, solid fuel. The samples for testing were formed on molds laser cut at think[box].  
Gabriel Nastac,

Sprāv Shower Meter

Sprāv is a wireless water meter that gives you control of your water and energy consumption. Using a combination of instant feedback and usage tracking, Sprāv gives you the tools to reduce your utility bills as well as your eco-footprint.
CJ Valle,

TAG Games

This interactive assessment tool demonstrates a novel approach for assessing an individual's cognitive, fine motor, and working memory skills via tangible interactive games.

3D Topographic Map

This site model of a local college campus made by the designers at Bialosky + Partners Architects to study site, scale, massing, topography, orientation, and to communicate with their client.
Philip Erb,

USB Signal Master

A team of five undergraduates designed and built a modular USB oscilloscope over the course of two semesters.
Erik Laakmann,

Design/Build/Fly Competition Entry

Case's entry to the Design/Build/Fly student competition used wood sections that were laser cut at think[box]
Case's entry to the Design/Build/Fly student competition used wood sections that were laser cut at think[box]
Brian Guzek,