Cleveland Intubation Box

A polycarbonate intubation box with a beveled corner and three holes with rubber seals against a black background.

The open-source Cleveland Intubation Box has been designed and clinically validated through a joint effort between Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and University Hospitals (UH). For more information, please contact us at >>

Download the design.

Project Description

COVID-19 is characterized by respiratory difficulty and often patients require intubation and ventilation. The act of intubating can trigger a gag or cough reflex leading to an involuntary emission of virus-carrying fluid from the patient.

Based on the original design by Dr. Hsien Yung Lai in Taiwan, the Cleveland Intubation Box incorporates the following improvements:

  • Viewing Panel: The beveled corner does not obstruct physician line of sight.
  • Rubber Seals: The rubber seals provide another barrier against airborne virus spread.
  • Stackable: The tapered box profile reduces the space needed for storage.
  • Material: The polycarbonate material resists damage from handling and drops better than the acrylic material.
  • Extended Top: The extended top panel increases coverage without impeding physicians.
  • Designed for Hospitals:  The holes on the right side of the box accommodate all necessary hospital equipment including both ventilation and suction lines.

For more information, please contact us at >>



Mandeep "Manny" Bansal, Jason Bradshaw, Ian Charnas, Umit Erol, Tiffany Frazee, Mada Helou, Raymond Krajci, Heather McFarland, Andrew Plant, Brian Rothstein, Kasia Rubin 


CWRU, Sears think[box], University Hospitals, University Hospitals Ventures, UH Department of Anesthesia, UH Department of Critical Care Medicine, MAGNET, Die Cut Products, House of Plastics, Aetna Plastics

Download the design.