Case School of Engineering San Diego
Master's Degree Track in Wireless Health
Wearable Computing Graduate Certificate

Online Graduate Certificates

Available online Graduate Certificates (GCs) are listed in the table below. These 3-course, 9-credit modules are subsets of the corresponding Master's program of study. Students who complete a graduate certificate will have the basic foundation to enter the field.

Wireless Health

Wearable Computing

480AIntro to Wireless Health 480T: Design
480BThe Human Body 480U: Technology
480CBiomedical Sensing 480W: Manufacturing

GC students who matriculate into the corresponding Master's within two years of completion of the GC may transfer their credits of the GC courses toward the completion of the credit requirements for the MS degree. The Case School of Engineering will award a GC after a student completes the required courses with a grade of B or better in each course. Courses of a GC are documented on an academic transcript from Case Western Reserve University.

Who Should Attend

Students with engineering or physical science backgrounds are positioned well to complete the Graduate Certificate (GC) programs. Students with other backgrounds should contact us for discussion before applying.

Timeline for Completion

A GC should be completed within 18 months, by taking the first course in the fall, the second in the subsequent spring, and the third in the following fall. 

Financial Aid and Tuition

Case Western Reserve University does not provide internal financial aid for this program. You should inquire if your employer offers a tuition reimbursement benefitYou may also contact the Office of Financial Aid at 216.368.4530 or to research external aid programs, for example through federal initiatives. Click here for tuition at Case Western Reserve University. 

Admission Requirements

Students are admitted through the School of Graduate Studies as non-degree-seeking graduate students in the Case School of Engineering (CSE). Admission is based on general CSE admission standards for graduate programs, including an adequate background for the three courses and a minimum GPA of 3.2 in a relevant Bachelor of Science program. GRE is not required for the GCs. TOEFL is waived for students that have completed a degree program where the language of instruction is English, or who have worked in an English language-based organization for at least two years. Otherwise, TOEFL scores must be greater than 90 for the internet-based test (or 577 for the paper-based test).

Application Process

To be considered, you must submit a fully completed Certificate Application Packet (CAP). Download the Application Form, read it carefully to understand what comprises a complete CAP, and fill in all of the information that applies to you. Print and sign the form, and send it to us along with the requested material as instructed at the end of the form. Applications should be submitted through the address listed on the application form, not through the Office of Graduate Studies. 

Your application package must include three letters of recommendation from references who can speak to your abilities and accomplishments that position you to successfully complete the GC. The recommenders should not share the content of the letters of recommendation with you or other third parties. Each letter should be placed in a sealed envelope, with the recommender’s signature across the seal, and be submitted as part of the application package. 

You are required to identify all post-secondary educational institutions you have attended on your application form, and to submit an official transcript from each. Admission to the graduate school is conditional on final certification of degrees awarded. If accepted into the program, an online information submission is required, which includes a non-refundable application fee of $50 in addition to the original transcripts.  

You will receive an e-mail acknowledgement after we have your complete application package.  We will inform you of our decision within approximately four weeks of receiving your complete application package.

Documents in languages other than English must be accompanied with certified translations.