MDS-Rely is a proposed Industry University Collaborative Research Center (IUCRC) focused on the intersection of materials science, data science and reliability.   


National Science Foundation Logo
MDS-Rely is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Professor Roger French has been awarded a planning grant to host a workshop on September 11-12, 2019, which will inform the proposal for the full center award. The workshop is being held in Ballroom A at the Tinkham Veale University Center at Case Western Reserve University. 

Roger French, PhD

Kyocera Professor, Director, SDLE Research Center, Materials Science & Engineering, 2nd Appts Computer Science, Macromolecular Science, Biomedical Engineering, Physics


CWRU Team Members

Laura Bruckman,
Assoc. Res. Professor, Materials Science & Engineering


Chris Littman,
Commercialization and Operations Director

Paul W Leu, PhD

Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering, John C Mascaro Faculty Fellow in Sustainability, 2nd Appts in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Chemical Engineering at theUniversity of Pittsburgh


PITT Team Members

Brian Vidic,
Office of Economic Partnership


Liza Allison,
Program Administrator University of Pittsburgh Center for Advanced Manufacturing (UPCAM)













Our Center's Proposal

  • The goal of our program is to apply data science-informed research to better understand the reliability and performance lifetime of essential materials.
  • Why is it important to the industry?
    • It has the potential to transform this field in creating new technologies that enable unprecedented lifetimes, durability in extreme environments, and understanding of various degradation and failure mechanisms.
  • Topic expertise from each individual and university (see slide 5)
    • There are three Thrusts involved:
      • (1) Enhanced Reliability Study Protocols
      • (2) Modeling & Service Life Prediction
      • (3) Reliability and Degradation Applications.
    • Cross-cutting market foci: Additive Manufacturing, Energy Materials and Building Technologies
  • Technical insights derived from the Center
    • We will develop open source codes and algorithms which will be universally applicable from industry members to utilize for developing their own degradation models.


MDS-RELY Industry Market Segments
Additive Manufacturing Energy Materials Building Technologies
Research Topics Enhanced Reliability Study Protocols PWL RHF, LSB RHF
Modeling & Service Life Prediction PWL RHF, LSB RHF
Reliability and Degradation Applications PWL RHF, LSB RHF