New engineering and social-work course in India

A new spring 2013 elective course, "Global Issues and Sustainability in India," is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the engineering and social-work schools. The short-term, cross-cultural Indian immersion experience offers three credits through the engineering school (EECS 342i) and the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (SASS 375i/575i).

The course will travel to India May 21 through June 4, 2013. Social-work students will team with engineering students to undertake projects such as energy, water and sanitation infrastructure.
Students will visit field sites, governmental and non-governmental institutions, and historical sites, and attend cultural events. A trip to the Taj Mahal is also included.

The course is open to all undergraduate engineering majors as well as alumni and professionals. There are no language or course pre-requirements.

The cost of the course, including all travel, accommodations, meals and cultural and historical sites, is $4,950. Financial aid can be applied toward the program fee.
For questions, contact professor Sree Sreenath at or apply online.