Waterfall Swing makes splash in Sydney

The Waterfall Swing—part art installation, part science experiment and part engineering showpiece—was a featured attraction at the Sydney Festival held this January in Sydney, Australia’s Darling Harbour.
The 18-foot-tall steel structure suspends riders beneath a wall of water, which—with the help of high-tech sensors—stops for every swing, letting the rider pass through without getting soaked.

The team of designers behind the swing includes Case Western Reserve alumni Ian Charnas, Mike O’Toole, Andrew Witte and Cleveland Institute of Art alumnus Andrew Ratcliff. Charnas is also the manager of the university’s think[box] innovation center, while O’Toole is the founder of Dash 7 Design and Witte is the chief engineer of the Pebble smart watch.
You can watch the Waterfall Swing in action in Sydney in this Sydney Festival video