Waterfall Swing makes splash in Austria

Engineering meets art in the Waterfall Swing on display for the next six months at the OK Center for Contemporary Art in Linz, Austria.
The 18-foot-tall steel structure suspends riders beneath a wall of water, which—with the help of high-tech sensors—stops for every swing, letting the rider pass through without getting soaked.
The team of designers behind the swing includes think[box] manager Ian Charnas, Pebble smart watch creator and Case Western Reserve University alumnus Andrew Witte, Mike O’Toole and Andrew Ratcliff.
For the June installation, the team had to construct entirely new components to withstand six months out in the elements. The swing is part of the museum’s Höhernrausch 2014 exhibit that uses urban rooftops as exhibit spaces.
The swing has been featured around the world, including installations at Cleveland’s IngenuityFest and a guest spot on the TODAY Show.