University launches Center for Engineering Action

Students installing water pipeline

For years, students at Case Western Reserve and other universities have used their technological skills to improve the lives of others—at home and abroad. But just over a year ago, the university set itself apart, ratcheting up support for such humanitarian projects with the launch of the new Center for Engineering Action.

"We are among a select group of schools that have chosen to make this an important part of engineering education," said James McGuffin-Cawley, PhD, senior associate dean at the Case School of Engineering and the Arthur S. Holden Professor of Engineering.

Consider the center a counterpart to CWRU LaunchNet, a university entrepreneurship program that mentors and cultivates creators and is integral to the campus innovation ecosystem. The center, likewise, is guiding, nurturing and elevating—but with a singular focus on humanitarian design initiatives. Students and faculty undertake these projects across the globe to tackle problems such as unclean water, inaccessible medical care and unsafe infrastructure.

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