Student Organization Spotlight: CWRUbotix


Number of members: 40
Responding member:  Olivia Gatchall, PR and Outreach Manager

One sentence description describing what the CWRUbotix does.

We build robots because robots are awesome!

What are some of the most notable events of your year?

Bootcamp: Every year, in the beginning of the Fall semester, CWRUbotix hosts a “bootcamp” competition to introduce new members to the basics of robotics. Members form groups to design and build a small robot to tackle that year’s challenge.

Pre-seasons, Build Seasons, & Competitions: CWRUbotix consists of three competition teams: MATE ROV, Combat, and Micromouse. Each year, the teams spend the Fall and beginning of the Spring semesters designing, building, and testing their robots to compete at these competitions. Combat and Micromouse compete in April while MATE ROV competes in June.

Game Nights: Once or twice a semester, CWRUbotix hosts Game Nights for our members to take a break from the build season. Game Nights are a chance to socialize with the entire club and have fun playing board games.

Outreach Events: Throughout the year CWRUbotix hosts and participates in several outreach events. These events range from Girl/Boy Scout Robotics Badge workshops to STEM nights where we introduce kids to robotics. Regardless of the event, our goal is to get kids excited about STEM and robotics!

Three words that describe your organization.

Nerdy, Passionate, Fun-loving

What's your favorite part about being a member?

Seeing our completed robot in action.

What do you think is the main reason people join your organization?

A passion for robotics and a need to explore their creativity and interest in engineering. Also cool robots.

How can students get involved? 

CWRUbotix accepts new members throughout the year, just attend any of our meetings! Each of our teams meets at different times throughout the week so check out our calendar ( or email to learn more!