Spring 2019 Student Awards

Congratulations to the following student award winners

Laurie D. Zelman International Undergraduate Student: 

Yuliang “Bill” Ding (GHDC):

 Bill has taken the initiative to serve in numerous capacities throughout CWRU. He brought new and unique perspectives to the Minority Association of Premedical Students and the Global Health Design Collaborative; has cultivated others’ growth as a Student Activities and Leadership Ambassador; has welcomed new students as an Orientation Leader; and, in 2018, completed 100 hours of community service through the CCEL Scholars Program.  His nominators wrote about his positivity, endless enthusiasm, kindness to others, encouraging nature, and empathetic spirit.

The Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Award:

Cindy Serene Ngompe (HDC- Malawi Team Lead):

As the Humanitarian Design Corps Malawi Team Lead, Cindy is leading the design process for a solar installation project at Kasungu National Park in Malawi.  Although a first year student, Cindy has not shied away from the necessary hard work and planning required to organize team meetings, complete documentation, work with mentors, and arrange travel.  Under Cindy’s leadership, another HDC team hopes to return to Malawi this coming year to implement plans begun on the January 2019 assessment trip.


Outstanding Club/Organization Officer (Nominee):

Michael Douglass (HDC/EWB President)

Michael Douglass served as president of the student EWB/HDC (Engineers Without Borders/Humanitarian Design Corps) chapter from 2016-2019.  This position is typically a one year post since it is so labor intensive, yet Michael has worked tirelessly in this role for three years. As President, Michael was faced with several challenging, high-stakes situations and he had to make difficult decisions and carefully manage his team. He has a particular talent for remaining calm and optimistic even in stressful and challenging circumstances. He has consistently provided a high level of leadership to the organization.  Michael has a multitude of gifts, both technical and non-technical while maintaining his humility. In short, Michael knows and loves people. He exemplifies the best of our university.  


Outstanding Graduate Student Organization Officer:

Bill Lenart (Science and Human Rights Coalition President):

As President of the Science and Human Rights Coalition, Bill relentlessly works to support the SHRC mission of bringing together the STEM community around the common value of serving human rights.  Bill ensures the CWRU community is aware of local and national events with this focus.  Bill has done it all from coordinating to bring the Associate Director of Undocumented Student Services at Georgetown to CWRU to attending Hack Cleveland FIX216 focused on Criminal Justice reform to speaking at the recent Social Justice Teach-in. https://students.case.edu/traditions/awards/leadership/2019.html

The John B. deHamel Jr. ’48 Memorial Prize: 

GHDC Pulse Oximeter Team:

The John B. deHamel Jr.’48 Memorial Prize Fund was established at the Case Alumni Association by his family and friends upon his passing on November 13, 1983. This prize provides annual prize funds to students and/or student organizations at Case Western University who are competing in annual Engineer’s Week Competitions. These prizes serve to encourage Case students to show creativity and inventiveness in project design as part of their overall science or engineering education.  The GHDC Pulse Oximeter Team was awarded this year's prize.

Study Abroad Photo Contest - The World is Your Classroom: 

Cindy Wu (GHDC)


After working all year to design prototypes of biomedical devices to improve vaccine outreach in Uganda, in this photo, Cindy is demonstrating the vaccine carrier idea to health workers in the Luwero District with the help of her classmates from CWRU & students from Makerere University. She was part of the interdisciplinary  Global Health Design study abroad program.



Study Abroad Photo Contest - Cultural Selfie:

Gabrielle Watson (GHDC)

This is a photo of Gabrielle (who is on the right) and a tailor in the Luwero District of Uganda, who altered Gabrielle’s dress in less than five minutes! Gabrielle was also in Uganda as part of the Global Health Design program.