Paper co-authored by Case School of Engineering Dean receives prestigious prize

Gold star card in red envelope

Venkataramanan “Ragu” Balakrishnan, the Charles H. Phipps Dean of the Case School of Engineering, is one of four co-authors on a paper recently selected to receive the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Activity Group on Computational Science and Engineering Best Paper Prize. The prize is awarded every two years to the author or authors of the best paper, as determined by the prize committee, on the development and use of mathematical and computational tools and methods for solving problems that may arise in broad areas of science, engineering, technology and society.

The paper, “Superfast Divide-and-Conquer Method and Perturbation Analysis for Structured Eigenvalue Solution,” was originally published in the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing in 2016, and is based on research conducted during Balakrishnan’s tenure at Purdue University. Co-authors on the paper include James Vogel, senior scientist, Systems & Technology Research, Jianlin Xia, professor of Mathematics, Purdue, and Stephen Cauley, assistant professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School.

As part of their review, the prize committee noted the “impressive work which reduces the computational complexity of a whole eigendecomposition of Hermitian matrices from cubic to log-linear by utilizing the hierarchical semi-separable structure.” 

Learn more about the members of the SIAM community who will receive awards at the virtual SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE21) scheduled to take place March 1-5, 2021.