Liming Dai selected for Faculty Distinguished Research Award

Liming Dai, the Kent Hale Smith Professor in the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, is among four prominent university researchers named as this year’s Faculty Distinguished Research Award recipients.
Each year, a university committee selects Faculty Distinguished Research Award winners, honoring those who uphold and build upon Case Western Reserve’s history as an innovative, research-driven institution.
Dai has embodied excellence in organic materials research since his career began in 1983 as an engineer at China’s Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute. Dai has since moved through the ranks of academia, with stops at various institutions along the way. Since 2009, he’s been on the faculty at Case Western Reserve University, where he’s continued his research in macromolecular science and engineering.

Dai’s work stands to revolutionize energy technology. Most recently, his research on charging lithium ion batteries with solar cells could lead to cleaner transportation and home-power sources. Among his other recent research contributions: developing a metal-free fuel cell catalyst for zinc-air batteries, which has proven to perform as well or better than most metal and metal-oxide electrodes typically reused in the batteries.
Learn more about Dai and this year’s other honorees: Melvyn Goldstein, the John Reynolds Harness Professor of Anthropology; Michael Lederman, the Scott Inkley Professor of Medicine; and Kalle Lyytinen, professor and chair of the Department of Design and Innovation.